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King Arthur Identity-Preserved White Whole Wheat Flour

Bakers know that ingredients matter.

So we're proud that our white whole wheat flour is made from identity-preserved wheat.

Identity preserved wheat
Non-GMO Project Verified100% American Wheat 13% Protein ContentCertified Kosher
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What Is Identity-Preserved Wheat?

It's wheat you can feel good about: grown from certified seeds, using sustainable farming practices, and traceable from field to flour.

Making A Difference

Better Baking. Whole-grain nutrition from a lighter-colored, milder-tasting flour made to our industry-leading standards.

Connecting Bakers and Farmers. By choosing this flour, you're supporting farmers who employ sustainable farming practices.

Sustainable Farming

No-Till Practices. Boost soil's water retention and beneficial organisms.

Crop Rotation/Cover Crops. Replenish nutrients in soil.

Less Water. Better water retention reduces need for irrigation.


Traceability. Know where and how the wheat was grown to make your flour.

Certified Seed. Pure wheat varieties selected through field and baking tests.

Monitored Farming Practices. Comprehensive field-data documentation.

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Here's what our customers say

  • This flour opens a whole new experience of whole wheat baking. It makes a loaf of bread just as tasty as a white bread. This flour in your Classic Whole Wheat recipe yields a whole wheat bread even the kids will eat.

    Ken, Strafford
  • This flour makes the most delicious baked goods without the heaviness of traditional whole wheat flour. With KAF I know I’m getting a truly premium, reliable product every time (and believe me, my baking can use the help!). It makes it easy to make all our favorites a little bit healthier.

    Jean, California

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White Whole Wheat Flour

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