Baker’s Formulas



Metric Baker's %
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 10kg 100%
Water 7.6kg 76%
Salt 0.2kg 2%
Yeast 0.12kg 1.2%
Total Yield 17.92kg 179.2%

Biga Mix all the ingredients together. Cover and leave at room temperature until ripe, about 16 hours. Pre-fermented flour = 30%.

Final Dough Add all the ingredients to the mixing bowl, and mix on first speed for 3 minutes to incorporate the ingredients. Adjust the hydration as necessary. Mix on second speed for an additional 4-5 minutes, to moderate gluten development. As an alternative, the dough can be mixed using the autolyse-repos technique.

Desired Dough Temperature 75°F

Bulk Fermentation 2 hours, with a fold after 1 hour.

Shaping Divide the dough into rectangles weighing 0.57kg. Place the loaves on well-floured bread boards with the good side down.

Final Proof About 1 hour.

Baking Bake at 460°F: steam the oven, load the bread, and steam again. Rectangular loaves weighing 0.57kg bake in approximately 36 minutes.

Metric Baker's %
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 3kg 100%
Water 1.8kg 60%
Yeast 0.003kg 0.1%
Total Yield 4.803kg 160.1%
Final Dough
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 7kg
Water 5.8kg
Salt 0.2kg
Yeast 0.117kg
Biga 4.803kg
Total Yield 17.92kg