Baker’s Formulas

Harpoon Miche

Harpoon Miche

Metric Baker's %
Sir Galahad Flour 8.253kg 80%
Whole Rye Flour 1.547kg 15%
Whole Wheat Flour 0.516kg 5%
Water 5.158kg 50%
Dark Beer 3.095kg 30%
Salt 0.206kg 2%
Yeast 0.041kg .4%
Liquid Levain culture 0.026kg .25%
Rye Sourdough Culture 0.057kg .55%
Total Yield 18.900kg 183.2%

Preferments Mix by hand. Ferment for 12-14 hours.

Mix In a spiral mixer, mix on 1st speed for 2 minutes, autolyse for 20 minutes, mix on 2nd speed for 2 minutes.

Desired Dough Temperature 75°F

Fermentation Duration is 150 minutes. There are 4 folds at 20, 40, 60, and 90.

Shaping Divide to 900 grams. Pre-shape as boule. Let rest 15-20 minutes.

Proof Final proof, ambient 60-75 minutes.

Baking Using a deck oven, bake for 45-50 minutes with steam at 230°C. Open the damper after 30 minutes.

Liquid Levain
Metric Baker's %
Sir Galahad Flour 1.032kg 100%
Water 1.032kg 100%
Culture .026kg 2.5%
Total Yield 2.089kg 102.5%
Rye Sour
Metric Baker's %
Whole Rye Flour 1.135kg 100%
Water .999kg 88%
Culture .057kg 5%
Total Yield 2.190kg 193%
Final Dough
Sir Galahad Flour 7.222kg
Whole Rye Flour 0.413kg
Whole Wheat Flour 0.516kg
Water 3.128kg
Dark Beer 3.095kg
Salt 0.206kg
Yeast 0.041kg
Liquid Levain 2.089kg
Rye Sour 2.190kg
Total Yield 18.90kg