Baker’s Formulas

Semolina Bread

Semolina Bread

Metric Baker's %
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 4kg 40%
Durum 6kg 60%
Water 7.26kg 72.6%
Salt 0.2kg 2%
Sesame (toasted) 0.5kg 5%
Total Yield 17.96kg 179.6%

Note Approximately 16 hours before mixing the final dough, mix together the ingredients for the liquid levain build. Let sit at room temperature, covered. Pre-fermented flour = 20%.

Mixing Mix the final dough by adding all the ingredients to the mixer (first remove a portion of the liquid levain to perpetuate the culture). In a spiral mixer, mix on first speed for 3 minutes, then turn the mixer to second and mix to moderate gluten development, about 3 to 4 minutes.

Desired Dough Temperature 75°F-78°F

Bulk Fermentation 2-2½ hours, with a fold half-way through.

Shaping Divide, shape and cover the loaves for the final proofing.

Baking Bake at 450°F with steam. Loaves weighing 0.75kg should bake for 36-40 minutes. The loaves can also be retarded overnight before baking. In this case, a 2 hour bulk fermentation is ample.

Liquid Levain
Metric Baker's %
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 2kg 100%
Water 2.5kg 125%
Culture 0.4kg 22%
Total Yield 4.5kg 247%
Final Dough
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 2kg
Durum 6kg
Water 4.76kg
Salt 0.2kg
Liquid Levain 4.5kg
Sesame 0.5kg
Total Yield 17.96kg