Baker’s Formulas

Sourdough Seed Bread

Sourdough Seed Bread

Metric Baker's %
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 9.2kg 92%
Whole Rye Flour 0.8kg 8%
Water 7.3kg 73%
Salt 0.23kg 2.3%
Sunflower Seeds, toasted 1.2kg 12%
Sesame Seeds, toasted 0.6kg 6%
Flax Seeds 0.7kg 7%
Total Yield 20.03kg 200.3%

Method Approximately 16 hours before mixing the final dough, mix together the ingredients for the liquid levain build. Let sit at room temperature, covered. At the same time, combine the soaker ingredients. Cover these and let sit out at room temperature. Toast the sesame and sunflower seeds and set aside, covered.

Mix the final dough by adding all the ingredients to the mixer (first remove a portion of the liquid levain to perpetuate the culture). In a spiral mixer, mix on first speed for 3 minutes, then turn the mixer to second and mix to moderate gluten development, about 4 minutes.

Desired Dough Temperature 75 - 78°F

Bulk Fermentation 2 - 2 ½ hours, with a fold halfway through.

Divide, shape and cover the loaves for the final proofing. Bake at 450°F with steam. Loaves weighing .7 kg should bake for 36-40 minutes. The loaves can also be retarded after shaping. In this case, a 2 hour bulk fermentation is ample.

Liquid Levain
Metric Baker's %
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 1.5kg 100%
Water 1.875kg 125%
Culture 0.15kg 10%
Total Yield 3.525kg 235%
Metric Baker's %
Flax 0.7kg 100%
Water 2.1kg 300%
Total Yield 2.8kg 400%
Final Dough
King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour 7.7kg
Whole Rye Flour 0.8kg
Water 3.325kg
Salt 0.23kg
Sunflower 1.2kg
Sesame 0.6kg
Levain 3.375kg
Soaker 2.8kg
Total Yield 20.03kg