Baker’s Formulas

Walnut Ciabatta

Walnut Ciabatta

Metric Baker's %
Sir Galahad Flour 3.420kg 100%
Water 2.804kg 82%
Walnuts, toasted 1.026kg 30%
Salt 0.079kg 2.3%
Yeast 0.034kg 1%
Walnut Oil 0.068kg 2%
Wheat Bran, coarse 0.068kg 2%
Total Yield 7.500kg 219.3%

Preferments Mix by hand. Ferment for 12-14 hours.

Mix In a spiral mixer, mix on 1st speed for 2 minutes, autolyse for 20 minutes, mix on 2nd speed for 2 minutes.

Desired Dough Temperature 75°F

Fermentation Duration is 150 minutes. There are 4 folds at 20, 40, 60, and 90.

Shaping Scale to 500g. Proof on linen with coarse bran.

Proof 40-60 minutes.

Baking 230°C until fully baked.

Metric Baker's %
Sir Galahad Flour 1.197kg 100%
Water 0.742kg 62%
Yeast 0.001kg .1%
Total Yield 1.939kg 162.1%
Walnut Soaker
Metric Baker's %
Water .561kg 110%
Walnuts, toasted 1.026kg 100%
Walnuts, oil .068kg 6.6%
Wheat Bran, coarse .068kg6.6%
Total Yield 1.724kg 223.2%
Final Dough
Sir Galahad Flour 2.223kg
Water 1.501kg
Salt 0.079kg
Yeast 0.034kg
Biga 1.939kg
Walnut Soaker 1.724kg
Total Yield 7.500kg