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Self-Rising Light and Fluffy Pancakes

in quick and easy whole grain dairy free gluten free overnight guaranteed classic

Author: Sue Gray

Self-Rising Light and Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

These quick and delicious homemade pancakes are made with convenient self-rising flour.

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8 to 10 medium pancakes
Nutrition information


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  • 1 1/2 cups King Arthur Unbleached Self-Rising Flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup buttermilk or yogurt; or 3/4 cup milk plus 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil or melted butter


  1. Whisk together the flour, sugar, and baking soda.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg, buttermilk, and oil or melted butter until foamy. Add to the flour mixture and mix until blended; leaving a few small lumps is OK.
  3. Let the batter rest for about 5 minutes, while your griddle or frying pan heats up. Heat to medium high (375°F to 400°F), until a drop of water dribbled onto the surface bounces across it. Brush lightly with vegetable oil, or spray with non-stick baking spray.
  4. For each pancake, drop 1/4 cup of batter onto the hot surface. Flip the pancakes over once bubbles have risen to the surface, and cook the second side until golden brown. Serve hot.

Nutrition Information

  • Serving Size 2 pancakes (98g)
  • Servings Per Batch 5
Amount Per Serving:
  • Calories 220
  • Calories from Fat 70g
  • Total Fat 8g
  • Saturated Fat 1.5g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 40mg
  • Sodium 550g
  • Total Carbohydrate 32g
  • Dietary Fiber 1g
  • Sugars 5g
  • Protein 5g

* The nutrition information provided for this recipe is determined by the ESHA Genesis R&D software program. Substituting any ingredients may change the posted nutrition information.