Assorted Gel Paste Food Colors

  • Assorted Gel Paste Food Colors
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Perfect for any kind of icing or decoration. We like gel colors for a number of reasons: they're easier to control by squeezing out of the bottle a drop at a time, they're more intense than grocery-store colors, and the colors can be thinned with a little vodka and painted directly on royal icing.

What you get
  • Six colors (super black, royal blue, lemon yellow, leaf green, deep pink, and super red)
  • 0.75 oz. each
Test kitchen tips

Try painting a stripe of color up the side of a pastry bag before filling with frosting; when you pipe, you'll get a lovely striped effect. For more control when squeezing out color, turn the bottle over and shake it once (with the cap on!) to move the gel down to the cap. Then when you squeeze, the color will come out easily, without plopping out all at once or spritzing with an air bubble.