Bakeable Paper Pie Pans - Set of 6

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You asked, we found them!

We've always gotten requests for paper pie pans, and your baking prayers are answered. Sturdy paper pans hold up to the heft of even your weightiest pies. Liners make it easy to cleanly slice your pies without sticking. Pans are freezer-safe, so you can prep your pies ahead, freeze them, and then bake them directly!

What you get
  • Set of 6
  • 1½" x 7" each (150% of a standard single crust pie dough recipe will nicely fit 2 of these pans; 100% of a standard 9" pie filling will fit into 2 pans)
  • Made in Italy
Care & storage

Freezer-safe. Oven-safe to 390.

Test kitchen tips

To prepare a single pie crust in the paper pie pan: Roll a single crust or half a double crust to 1/8"" thickness (it needs to be at least 10" in diameter). Lay the crust into the paper pie pan, pressing it into the bottom edges. With scissors or a knife, trim the edge of the overhanging crust so that it's an even ¾" wider than the edge of the pan. Fold the edge of the crust under to create a tall lip.

To make a rope crimp, use your thumb and index finger to crimp the lip to the edge of the pie pan (you'll want to do this to avoid having the crimp sag either into the pie or over the outside edge - for this reason, a standard finger crimp is not our first choice when using paper pie pans).

To make a standard fork crimp, flatten the lip, and press the tines of a fork all around the edge. Freeze the unfilled, unbaked shell for 30 minutes. Fill and bake your pie according to recipe instructions, and begin checking your pie for doneness 10 minutes before the instructed bake time.