Blind Bake Parchment Pie Liners

  • Blind Bake Parchment Pie Liners
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Pie bakers, rejoice.

Finally we've found a pie equivalent of parchment paper cake liners! These parchment liners are designed to fit snugly inside a standard pie plate. Place them on top of your crust, then fill with pie weights or beans or grains (whatever you're using to weight the crust for blind baking). When the crust is baking, it's easy to just lift out the parchment liner and remove the weights without any mess or fuss.

What you get
  • Set of 50 liners
  • 2½" x 6½" (fits inside 9" pie plates)
  • Made in England
Care & storage

Oven-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.