Collapsible Popcorn Maker

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Pop 'til you can't stop!

We love making our own popcorn, and it's never been easier than this. The smartly designed tool makes evenly-popped popcorn in the microwave in just 2-3 minutes. It pops up into a cone shape to hold your kernels, and once you're finished with it, you can collapse it down for easy storage. Over 90% of the kernels pop every time and our popcorn turns out beautifully and never burns when we use this. The shape traps steam as the corn pops, which helps to coat popcorn with any toppings you like, keeping cheese, herbs, salt, and other toppings from just sifting to the bottom of your bowl. A breakthrough in homemade snacking!

What you get
  • 5¾" x 8" (collapses down to 2½" x 8")
  • Holds ½ cup of corn kernels
  • Made of silicone
Care & storage

Microwave- and dishwasher-safe.