Deep Dish Pizza Pan 14"

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Anodized aluminum pizza pan offers superior bakeability. Dark pan browns crust better; and anodized aluminum is absolutely non-reactive, so acidic pizza sauce won’t produce any “off” flavors. 12” or 14" x 1½”-deep pans are the ideal sizes for your ultra-thick crust, or Chicago-style deep-dish pie.

What you get
  • USA Pans is family-owned and committed to the highest standards of innovation, quality, and durability. Their pans have been used for decades by professional bakers; now they’re available to home bakers like you.
  • Pan features rolled edges with internal steel wires, for extra strength and good grippability.
  • This is a substantial, thick-gauge pan.
  • Actual diameter of pan is 14⅞".
Care & storage

it won’t warp or buckle, even in a 450°F oven.

More information

Made in the USA. Limited lifetime guarantee.