Everyone's Favorite Fruitcake Recipe Bundle

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Save with our bundle of delicious baking essentials!

We've included a printed recipe to make it at home.

To bake Everyone's Favorite Fruitcake easily at home, we've bundled our Jubilee loaf pan, fruitcake fruit blend, organic candied orange peel, organic candied lemon peel, mini diced ginger, Vietnamese cinnamon, boiled cider, and ginger syrup.

Here's our Everyone's Favorite Fruitcake Recipe »

What you get
  • Jubilee Loaf Pan (9-cup total capacity, 4-cup bakeable capacity)
  • Fruitcake Fruit Blend (20 oz.)
  • Organic Candied Orange Peel (8 oz.)
  • Organic Candied Lemon Peel (8 oz.)
  • Mini Diced Ginger (16 oz.)
  • Vietnamese Cinnamon (Special Recipe Size: 1.5 oz.)
  • Boiled Cider (16 oz.)
  • Ginger Syrup (11 oz.)
  • Printed Recipe