Half-Size Bundt Pan

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  • Minneapolis' family-owned NordicWare company manufactures this pan right here in the USA.
  • Durable cast aluminum offers superior baking performance.
  • Heat-reflective silver exterior prevents over-browning of the crust.
  • Distinctive gold-tinted, non-stick interior means cakes release absolutely intact: no sticking, no crumbling. And cleanup? A piece of cake.
  • NordicWare calls this pan a 6-cup Bundt pan; it's ideal for recipes calling for that size pan, and it does hold 6 cups, right to the brim (think Jell-O salads). Its actual bakeable capacity is 3 to 4 1/2 cups. A typical Bundt cake or sheet/layer cake recipe (one that makes two round layers or a 9" x 13" cake) will fill TWO of these pans.
What you get

Here it is, the one and only Original Bundt Pan - now in a half-size version, perfect for gift cakes and smaller families. Pan is 7" dia. x 3 ¼" H (9" dia., including handles).

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Made in the USA. Limited lifetime guarantee.