King Arthur Small Dough Bucket - Set of 2

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Provides the perfect moist, draft-free environment. Ideal for an overnight biga, starter, sponge, or poolish. Tells you if your starter has doubled in bulk. Also great for storing dry ingredients like flour and sugar. Features easy-grip handle; includes lids.

What you get

St of two 1-quart, food-safe polyethylene storage containers with lid. 5" x 5". Features the King Arthur Flour logo. Made in the USA. BPA free.

Test kitchen tips

Cleaning Tip: After your dough has finished rising, do not wash the container immediately nor set it to soak. Instead, keep the lid off until any bits of dough dry out completely and then scrape from the container into the waste basket. It'll take only an instant to wash and you won't have a gooshy mess to get rid of. To scrape the container easily before you wash it, use a plastic scraper or a rough plastic mesh, such as the bags onions, shallots and garlic are often sold in. Dishwasher- and freezer-safe.