Mini Loaf Pans - Set of 4

  • Mini Loaf Pans - Set of 4
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  • Pans are coated with Americoat, a clear, non-stick, non-toxic, environmentally friendly coating that is specially formulated for superior baking.
  • Try it to see the difference professional quality makes in all your baking.
  • One of our quick bread mixes fills all four pans. You’ll love these for gift giving or for making snack-sized loaves.
What you get

These eco-friendly and easy to clean pans are manufactured from a mix of 65% recycled steel for strength and durability, and aluminum for superior conductivity. 3¼" x 5¾" x 2¼" H; 1 to 1½ cup bakeable capacity. 2 mini pans equals about 1- 9x5 pan. Set of four pans.

Care & storage

Pan cleans up easily by just hand-rinsing in hot soapy water; dishwasher isn't necessary, nor advised.

Maximum recommended baking temperature: 450°F.

More information

Made in the USA.. Lifetime guarantee.