Mini Pie Pan - Set of 2

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Good things come in small packages.

These sturdy, stainless steel pans make it easy to bake smaller versions of your favorite fruit pies, pot pies, tarts, and quiches in these mini stainless steel pans. Your crusts brown perfectly and pies release easily.

A double-crust recipe will make 4 single-crust mini pies; one filling recipe will fills 4 pans. We also love using these pans to bake any leftover scraps of pie crust from a regular-sized recipe: Just press in your dough, fill it, and bake!

What you get
  • Set of 2 mini stainless steel pans
  • 6" x 1½" each
Care & storage

Oven- and dishwasher-safe.

Test kitchen tips

Enjoy making couple-sized pies using your favorite recipe; a single 9" crust will line two of these mini pans; a double-crust recipe, four pans. One filling recipe will fills 4 pans.

The small size is excellent for making ahead and freezing pies and quiches without taking up too much space.