Organic Sprouted Wheat Flour – 2 lb.

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Go with the grain!

Organic white wheat grains are sprouted before milling to help unlock their nutritional benefits. As the wheat berry sprouts, vitamins develop that enhance nutrition and digestibility of the grain.

The result is a healthy pantry staple that gives you all the goodness of whole grains with a lighter, milder taste.

Sprouted wheat flour has a creamy color and fine, soft feel – it holds water better than other flours and yields a loaf with a beautifully moist and tender texture. In addition to fiber and nutrition, it adds an inherent sweetness and nutty taste to breads and baked goods.

Use it in any recipe calling for whole wheat flour, or substitute it for up to half the amount of all-purpose flour. Allow your batter or dough to rest for 10 minutes after mixing – it will improve the taste and texture of your whole grain baked goods.

What you get
  • 2-pound bag
  • 13% protein
Dietary information
  • Kosher.
Test kitchen tips

Sprouted wheat has a slightly lower protein level than other whole wheat flours, so you may find that you need less liquid than your recipe calls for.