Pain de Mie Recipe Bundle

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Save with our bundle of premium baking essentials!

The perfect sandwich loaf: Square and fine-grained.

Bake our delicate and comforting Pain de Mie. To make the recipe easily at home, we've bundled our 13" Pain de Mie Pan with 4 key ingredients: Potato Flour, Baker's Special Dry Milk, Organic All-Purpose Flour, and SAF Red Instant Yeast. We've included a printed recipe to make it at home.

Here's our Pain De Mie Recipe »

What you get
  • Potato flour (16 oz.)
  • Baker's special dry milk (16 oz.)
  • Organic All-purpose flour (2 lb.)
  • SAF yeast (7g)
  • 13" pain de mie pan
  • A printed recipe to make it at home