Round Bun Pan

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Beautiful bread rolls baked up in this stoneware pan are guaranteed to please. This custom-made baking pan will bake up your best buns and rolls, with pillowy tops and delightfully crispy bottoms.

Porous clay stoneware pan is also the perfect pan for your homemade deep-dish pizzas. Create tall edges and a crispy bottom, just like your favorite pizza parlor.

What you get
  • Solid, sturdy, and stunning 9½" x 2" (interior is 9" x 1½") stoneware bun pan.
  • Seasons with use to create an easy-release cooking surface. Glaze exterior makes the pan pretty enough to serve in.
  • Made exclusively for us, especially for you, in the USA.
  • BPA free.
Care & storage
  • Oven- and microwave-safe.
  • For best results, treat your stoneware pan with care- Oil your stoneware pan with neutral-flavored vegetable oil before each use; a nice patina will develop over time. For additional prevention of sticking, sprinkle a thin layer of cornmeal or semolina into the bottom of the oiled pan.
  • Don't soak your pan in water before use; it's neither recommended, nor necessary.
  • Protect your pan from extreme temperatures. Never put it in the freezer; don't transfer the pan from refrigerator to a hot oven, or vice versa; and let the pan cool before washing.
  • Your pan is suitable for oven temperatures up to 450° F; putting your room temperature pan into a preheated oven is fine. The pan is also microwave-safe.
  • Don't use your pan under a broiler, or on the stovetop.
  • Finally, protect your kitchen table and counter from scratches; it's recommended you set your stoneware pan on a trivet when it's not in the oven.
More information

BPA free. Made in the USA.