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The Baking Sheet, Winter 2010

  • The Baking Sheet, Winter 2010
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  • Cakes: Chocolate Ice Cream Roll, Fluffernutter Sundae, Lemon Cream.
  • Cookies: Chili Gingersnaps, Fluffernutter Sandwich Cookies, Ladyfingers.
  • Crackers: Green Goddess.
  • Desserts: Family Caramel Pudding, Lemon Tiramisu, Lowney’s Duchess Pudding.
  • Pies: Fresh Pineapple.
  • Savory spreads: Boursin-Style Cheese.
  • Soups & stew: White Bean and Chicken Stew.
  • Quickbreads: Boston Brown B read, Marbled Chocolate-Banana.
  • Bread Bread machine: Char Siu Hum Bao (Baked Pork Buns).
  • Color, 8" by 10½" format, 24 pages.
  • Yeast Breads: Rosemary Raisin, Russian Black Bread
What you get

The Baking Sheet featuring our index of 2009 recipes, sunny citrus recipes, and comfort foods. Written by Susan Reid, Mary Tinkham, Rebecca Faill, Allison Furbish and Robyn Sargent.

Inside you’ll find