Meet our bakers

Angela Grenier

A Wisconsin native and proud Cheesehead, grew up baking in her family's business. She went on to work at the American Club, a 5-diamond resort in the Midwest. It was there that Angela met her husband, a chef and New England native. Angela and her daughter relocated to northern New Hampshire, where Angela continued to bake at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. After their daughter's graduation, the Greniers relocated to Vermont. Angela not only baked at King Arthur, she and her husband planned a hike of the Appalachian Trail. She left King Arthur so they could attempt the 2,188 mile hike — and with the support of family and friends, they completed the trail in 2011! Angela is back at King Arthur as a bread baker and pastry cook.

My mother, father, grandfather, and many of my brothers and sisters are amazing bakers. When I'm baking it's almost like I'm home with my family.

Carrie Brisson

Carrie Brisson has been part of the bread team at King Arthur Flour since 2011. Previously, she worked in small bakeries throughout New England while learning the craft. She then went on to own her own business. She was happy to make the move to KAF, where she enjoys working the early morning hours of production with a team of highly skilled bakers. When not in the bakery, Carrie's time is filled with the excitement of raising two young boys in Vermont with her husband.

I bake because I love it! I find it immensely rewarding to provide people with food that's nourishing and of the highest quality — to watch a person enjoy something you've baked is truly the highest reward.

Daniel Rivat

Baking for over 50 years. Born and trained in France, he owned an artisan bakery before moving to America in 1985. Daniel can often be seen in the bread area, scoring baguettes with his quick yet delicate touch before loading them into our masonry oven. Daniel resides in the Upper Valley with his wife; he's an avid tennis player and gardener.

I am baking for the joy of accomplishing a new project everyday and coming back the next day in the elusive quest of making the perfect loaves. But most of all: I love bread.

Kristen Fenn

A pastry baker at King Arthur Flour since October, 2007. After getting a taste of baking in a culinary arts program in high school, and placing first in New Hampshire and then competing nationally in the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America baking competition, she spent time in the pastry and dessert ends of restaurants, and trained under many talented chefs. She co-owned a bakery for several years before finding her place at King Arthur Flour.

Simply put, I love food. I enjoy seeing the transformation from raw dough to final product. And really, what's better than a warm chocolate chip cookie?

Lisa Murphy

Since graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2000, she's worked at various bakeries in the Upper Valley region of Vermont/New Hampshire, and has been baking at King Arthur for 6 years now. Outside of work, she spends her time with her husband and two children.

I bake because I have a passion for it and I enjoy doing it. To me, it's self-satisfying; and I hope others can be inspired by it just as much as I am.

Martin Philip

Baker and our bakery operations manager. In previous lives, he was a professional opera singer and worked in investment banking; his current chapter, which includes three wonderful children, a happy wife, ample time in the woods, and lots of crackling baguettes, is the best yet.

I bake because it connects my soul to my hands, and my heart to my mouth.

Wilhelm Wanders

Manager of our pastry team. He's worked in the pastry and confectionery field since growing up in his dad's pastry shop in Germany. After traveling throughout Germany and the US, Wilhelm finished his German Master's Degree, owned his own chocolate shop in Northern Virginia, and finally wound up here in beautiful New England, where he enjoys all that nature has to offer with his wife and two children.

I bake because it's all I've ever done — and I still love doing it! There's nothing more gratifying to me than making other people happy through the products I create.

James Methven

A New England native with a passion for cooking and baking, is part of our pastry crew. A 2002 graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, he worked at bakeries and restaurants around New England, including Burdick's Chocolate in Walpole, NH, where he specialized in pastry and chocolate. After a stint as an executive pastry chef in Boston, James and his wife realized they didn't want to raise their daughter in the city. So James joined the King Arthur Flour Bakery team, and he and his family now happily spend time renovating their new home, an antique New Hampshire farmhouse.

Baking connects family, friends, communities, and people of all ages; and that's what keeps me inspired and motivated. You can do so much by simply baking a cookie.

Lucas Diggle

A native New Englander, Lucas Diggle developed his interest in food and tradesmanship after traveling abroad. He began baking professionally 10 years ago, and came to King Arthur Flour from San Diego. Away from the bakery, Lucas enjoys a somewhat rural life, pursuing an MFA in poetry from Bennington College in southern Vermont. He's an avid gardener and fencer.

I bake because it's challenging, and because practicing a trade connects me to the best and most enduring of human endeavors: meaningful labor, nourishing food, good company, aesthetics, science, and tradition.

Robert Keim

One-time historian, poet, and all-the-time sports fan, Rob Keim came to the King Arthur Flour Bakery following years studying the art of the sandwich with Backcountry Provisions (now Backcountry Delicatessen) in Steamboat Springs, CO. Originally from New England, Rob has experienced a variety of inspiring locales, both in the US and abroad. He currently lives just up the road from our Bakery, and is happy to be "home."

At KAF I have been given the opportunity to pursue a trade-craft with long, vertical connections to the history of our lives.