Our new unbleached cake flour debuts: Tender White Cake is a star!


Over the past 4 years, I have learned so many things here at King Arthur Flour. Some are customer-service based, like how to re-ship a broken bottle of vanilla, or how to help customers choose the best shipping options. Some are funny and personal, like that PJ’s favorite food group is “dip,” and Andrea’s a cat person and a fellow fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I must say though, that the majority of my education here has been about baking. How to, why to, when to, and with what. Not that I didn’t bake before I arrived here. I was a pretty good baker, and loved to bake and decorate cakes and cookies, and made the occasional breads and pizzas too.

I readily admit though, my baked goods were just average and I longed to know more about how to make light biscuits without a baking mix, and pancakes without, um, a baking mix. And oh yeah, I wanted to kick the boxed cake mix habit, too.

My Grandma Flowers, a pastry chef in upstate New York whom I only got to meet a few times, had taught me at the age of 12 how to make buttercream and use piping bags to decorate cakes. But we never had the time to make the cakes themselves during our short visits, so cake baking was one of my first goals. Queen Guinevere (King Arthur’s bleached cake flour) became my new best friend.

As a King Arthur Baker’s Hotline baker, I have spoken with many folks about the benefits of cake flour. Low protein level means less gluten to tighten up and produce tough cakes. Bleaching the flour, simply put, toughens the available gluten, allowing the cake to “carry” its load of fat and sugar. Cakes made with bleached cake flour typically rise high, and often have a light, almost crumbly texture.

As a gal with many allergies, though, the thought of eating bleached food wasn’t my favorite, and I began to use all-purpose flour for most of my cakes, sacrificing tenderness and loftiness along the way. How could I have my cake and eat it, too?

Enter my new best friend: King Arthur UNBLEACHED Cake Flour Blend! That’s right, it’s unbleached. A blend, you ask? Through a long process of testing various flour types and ingredients, we’ve been able to develop a cake flour that offers many benefits to the cake baker – without the bleach.

And I am LOVIN’ it! One benefit is a moister cake than you’d get with a bleached cake flour; this helps it stay fresher longer, too. And of course, it doesn’t contain any unwanted chemicals, like peroxide or bleach. Want to hear the best part? It’s going to be available this fall in your regular retail grocery stores. (If you don’t see it right away, do ask your store manager about getting it, pronto! ) No need to special order, no shipping charge, just cruise on over and pick up a box; then make this delicious Tender White Cake.


Hello, Gorgeous! Isn’t that a beautiful box? Trust me, this cake tastes as good as it looks. No, better!


This cake has a luscious raspberry jam filling. Our King Arthur Flour jams are deeply fruity and delicious, but they do contain seeds. If you know folks who can’t eat seeds, like some of our testers, you can strain the jam through a fine strainer.  It’s good to start this early, so gravity can help you out as you make the cake batter. Pour the jam into the strainer, stir it a bit, then let it drip through.

On to the batter…


I know, the first question is “Do I really have to mix the dry ingredients for 2 minutes?” Simple answer, yes. Light and tender cakes are based on incorporation of air. No air = flat heavy cakes. So turn the mixer on, and imagine yourself on the beach, or relive your first kiss for 2 minutes.  Next, add the softened butter.


As the butter mixes in,  the batter will begin to cling together in the bowl. This is known as the paste method. Scraping the bowl during this step is important to be sure all flour gets incorporated.


Here’s my favorite method for separating eggs. Your fingers are softer than egg shell, and (hopefully) don’t have any sharp shards to break the yolk. You can use the traditional method of shell to shell if you don’t like sticky hands. Save the yolks for omelettes or ice cream.


Add the egg whites, one at a time, followed by the whole egg.  You will need to beat well after adding each one, until there is no trace of the white and the mixture is smooth again. Scrape down the bowl, too. (I know, I sound like a broken record, but it really makes all the difference).


After all of the eggs have been added, the batter will be quite thick, and make a delightful “slup slup slup” sound in the bowl. Makes me laugh every time!


Mix the vanilla and almond extracts in with the milk or yogurt. I used milk here. It smelled so good I nearly took a sip. Patience, it will be done soon.


Add the milk mixture in 3 stages. Yep, here it comes… Scrape down the bowl after each addition! You’re doing such a great job, just a few more times round the bowl…


Terrific job. Now, divide the batter into two pans, and place in the preheated oven.


Let’s check on our jam. Ah, lovely. You may need to squish the last bits around with a spatula to get every drop out of the seeds. This is a great job for kids.


Beauty, eh? The cakes are golden brown and the kitchen smells heavenly. Remove from the oven and un-pan. Allow to cool completely on a rack.


Once the cake is cooled completely, make your batch of Quick Buttercream Frosting (or your favorite buttercream). Using a piping bag or heavy duty zip-top bag with a corner snipped off, pipe a ring of icing around the edge of the bottom cake layer.

This ring is going to act like the ring of mashed potatoes that keeps the gravy in on your Thanksgiving plate, except it will keep the jam from overflowing the edge of the cake. Be sure to leave a little space between the icing and the edge of the cake to allow the icing to squeeze out to the edges when the next layer is added. If you pipe right on the edge of the cake layer, you will have icing lava overflow down the sides of your cake.


Spread the jam in the center of the icing ring. It may be tempting to add lots and lots of jam, but this will make for a very slippery layer in the center of the cake. Stick to about 1/4 cup.


Carefully place the second layer on. Pipe your ring of icing again, and then pipe a few swirls of icing in the center. Again, the ring will keep your icing from overflowing. You can then spread the rest of the icing in a neat circle.

Now for the berries.


I like to spread the berries out on a sheet pan, so that I can pick and choose them as I go along. Sometimes a skinny berry fills a space just right, or a tall berry adds interest.


To make a nice even presentation on top of the cake, begin with one berry in the center, and then add berries in a circle around it.


Keep adding berries in a circular pattern, working evenly out to the edges of the cake.


Now that’s a cake that takes the cake! Please bake, rate and review our recipe for Tender White Cake.

Now, I know from chatting with our test kitchen and development folks that the Unbleached Cake Flour Blend wasn’t created to replace bleached cake flour, and that our Queen Guinevere flour isn’t going to be removed or discontinued. Bleached cake flours still have their place, but I like knowing that this new Unbleached Cake Flour Blend can offer me moist, tender baked goods without any added chemicals, and we think you will too.


MaryJane Robbins

MaryJane Robbins grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Vermont 20 years ago. After teaching young children for 15 years, she changed careers and joined King Arthur Flour in 2005. MaryJane began working on King Arthur Flour's baker’s hotline in 2006, and the blog team ...


  1. Becky

    I’ve always wanted to try cake flour but have never gotten around to it. I’d bake a cake for my husband’s birthday that is coming up soon.

    Love your blog!!!

  2. PJM

    1) I have never used cake flour, except the Joy of Cooking formula involving the addition of cornstarch, which was a disaster!

    2) My husband and I are making wedding cake for 100 for a dear friend this fall. If we had a box of the flour, we would experiment with it and perhaps use it in the final cakes.

  3. Karen

    Yay! Can’t wait to try this!! 1) I have used cake flour before, usually “Softasilk” because that’s what my Mom always used and 2) My son’s 5th birthday is coming right up and I’d love to bake his fifth “mom-made” birthday cake with this new flour!

  4. Francesca Carlisle

    I’ve only used cake flour once, and it wasn’t exactly a success! I used some Brodie XXX cake flour to make my dad a birthday cake, and I think it might have been a little past its best – the rise wasn’t that great, and this was a self-raising cake flour.

    I would bake a special cake for my parents. Right now I’m home for the summer after my first year away at university, and it wasn’t an easy year. My parents have been there for me whenever I needed help (my university is 3500 miles away from home, so that’s not insignificant), and I would like to thank them for that.

    Love King Arthur Flour, by the way! I’m the baker-in-chief of my family, and I often use King Arthur flours, especially the white whole wheat one.

  5. Linda

    1) I have used cake flour before…am most definitely looking forward to the King Arthur, however, since I use other KA flours!

    2) If I win a box of the KA Flour Blend, I’ll use it to make two birthday cakes…one for a good friend and one for my husband.

  6. Britt

    I have never used cake flour. Maybe because I don’t make cakes that often I don’t really know. I think I would make something creamy maybe red velvet cake if I was making it soon

  7. Madeline

    What a pleasant surprise for so early in the morning to behold a great looking cake made with UNBLEACHED cake flour! I have looked for Queen Guinevere at the supermarket, but always had to used another brand such as Softasilk or Swans Down. I can’t wait to find this new King Arthur flour on the shelf at my local store. Ye hah!! I would love to make a cake for my family for just being able to use some great unbleached flour in a cake. No more box mix for our birthday cakes!! Thanks for all the great ideas, recipes, and hard work you all do at KAF!

  8. Ga-Young

    1) no, but I’ve always wanted to try it since I saw it in the NYTimes Chocolate chip recipe!
    2) I would bake a special cake for my sister who I haven’t seen in about 2 months but will be seeing very soon :)

  9. Paul Basten

    My God this cake looks raspberrylusciouslylight. Definately delicious and must make it! Ate the last of the Raspberry Puff tarts last night – made with the Turnover Press for the first time.

    1. Yes, I have a box of Cake flour that I used a bit of in a pizza dough recipe when I found I didn’t have enough of your Regular All-purpose flour.

    2 I would bake the cake as a Birthday cake for our Golden Retriever who turned 4 yesterday. Of course he can’t really eat too much cake, so I guess the two of us and our two neighbor lady sisters and their elder mom would get some!

    Can’t wait!
    Paul from Ohio

  10. Shiyiya

    I’ve never used cake flour before, bleached or unbleached or dyed purple. Unbleached all-purpose gets used for everything I bake. (And I will note that I manage to make light flaky biscuits, delicious moist cakes, sweet crumbly scones, and fantastic ciabatta with plain all-purpose flour. From scratch, mind. I don’t like mixes.)

    I’d bake a cake for my grandmother’s eightieth birthday in a little over a month!

  11. Amy A

    1) I have never tried cake flour before…until reading this post, I never knew why I would benefit from it. Thanks for the info.
    2) If I win a box of cake flour I’d make a cake for my husband and kids. I love cooking for them and they love my cooking! What a wonderful world.

  12. BAKING is my ZeN

    1) Have you ever used any brand of cake flour before?
    Yes. I use Swans Down Cake Flour.

    2) Who would you bake a special cake for, if you won a box of our Unbleached Cake Flour Blend?
    A birthday cake for a friend in September.

    By the way, I LOVE the format of this blog (tutorial with pics).
    It’s Perfection!

    Thanks, Carmen

  13. Lish

    I love baking, decorating and eating all kinds of cakes, and like you I had stopped using cake flours since they are all bleached. I remember my mom always having a box of softasilk cake flour in the pantry, and she only used it to make the yellow cake for boston cream pie. I used it a few times, but since I didn’t want to use bleached flour it was only used once in a blue moon. I will be using this great looking new flour to make that boston cream pie cake recipe for her and my husband (it is his favorite cake) for their birthdays this fall. Their birthdays are just a couple weeks apart. Can’t wait!

  14. Barbara

    That cake looks absolutely delicious!

    I’ve only used cake flour once before and can’t recall the brand, just that the recipe I used that that ONLY cake flour should be used. Since I don’t use cake flour often, the remainder of the box was taken over by pantry moths…

    If I won a box of UCFB, I’d bake the above cake for my son who will be leaving for college at the end of the month.

  15. Brendan

    1) Swan cake flour is what is usually available. I’d love to try yours!
    2) My wife. Somehow I manage to make cakes for my friends birthdays and parties, but rarely for my own wife… : ( I think its because we go out for her birthday, whereas we’re invited to parties for the others… She deserves a delicious moist cake!

  16. Beth @ 990square

    1) I’ve used the Pillsbury brand cake flour that is sold in most big supermarkets, but I really didn’t like it, so recently I’ve been using Whole Foods brand All Purpose Baking Flour. Sadly I can’t find Queen Guinevere anywhere, so I’ve never been able to try it. I’m a big King Arthur fan though, so I’ll be looking for the new blend!

    2) I would use the box of flour to make an Angel Food Cake for my mom, who has a birthday at the end of the month.

  17. Lise M.

    Wonderful! Yes, I have used “Swan’s Down” cake flour and your Guinevere flour for cake baking. If I won a box of your new flour, I would bake a cake for my family for our up-coming family vacation on Lake Michigan.
    I didn’t really know there THAT much difference, except for the gluten. When I first learned to bake from my mother, if we were out of cake flour, we just triple-sifted a.p. flour and reduced each cupful by 2 Tbs. Now I realize that was not a good substitute!
    I have a question about the “paste” method – why is it preferred for some cakes?
    Thanks for a great blog -

  18. LicksBowls

    Hello! How exciting, KAF cake flour!

    I, too, was (and still am) an amateur cake maker. My breads are quite good, but cakes are for more tricky. If the cake itself doesn’t present a challenge, then the icing certainly does. Thanks for this particular post; it’s helpful to see a different icing strategy. The icing on the cake, as the saying does imply, should be attractive, but can be difficult for those of us less artistically adept. Might I request a blog post dedicated strictly to decorating the cakes we’ll be making with your new cake flour?

    To the big questions:
    1) Have you ever used any brand of cake flour before?
    Yes, I use Pillsbury’s Softasilk enriched bleached cake flour or Swans Down.. whichever is available in the grocer, but preferably SD.

    2) Who would you bake a special cake for, if you won a box of our Unbleached Cake Flour Blend?
    In my quest to become a better cake baker, I like to experiment on friends and family I know who enjoy treats. However, my accomplice in the kitchen and in life, Jessica, would receive the first taste test. She has discerning buds and will be happy to hear you’ve come out with a new cake flour.

    Excited! And thanks for all your enjoyable blog posts,


  19. Billie Mallie

    1) Yes, I have used cake flour before. (I recently ordered some from you.)
    2) If I won a box of your Unbleached Cake Flour Blend I would bake a cake for my co-workers.

  20. Erin Hibshman

    1. I have not used a brand cake flour before. I tend to shop in the bulk food aisle for my cake flours, just because a box of cake flour runs out so fast.
    2. I would make a birthday cake for my hubby – his birthday is at the end of the month and he would LOVE a birthday cake! :)

  21. Carla Low

    What a delicious looking cake…I had to stop myself from licking my screen! I have baked with cake flour before…many times. I would love to try a box of your new unbleached cake flour as I am already a rabid fan of the rest of your flour line! :~) If I won a box of flour I would use it to bake cake(s) for my husbands co-workers who are struggling through some tough times.

    Thank you for your great products!

  22. Shirley

    I have used several kinds of cake flour in the past including KA. I would make a “special” cake for myself as it will be my 70th birthday and have a party for myself @ work! Yes, still working.

  23. Melinda

    Whee! I *should* have known that KAF made a cake flour. The times I’ve bought it, I’ve bought Swan’s Down (there’s question #1!), only because that was the ONLY cake flour on the shelf, and it took me a good twenty minutes to find it. I made some cherry lime cupcakes most recently (see the recipe I used here: http://good-life-eats.blogspot.com/2009/07/happy-4th-of-july-cherry-limeade.html)

    I started baking to cope with my daughter’s dairy allergy. For five years, she was on a total avoidance diet, so I got a crash course in baking from scratch and got really good at subbing dairy free margarine and rice milk and soy yogurt for real dairy products. In April, she passed a baked milk challenge-for some reason, her body tolerates cooked milk protein. We’ve been baking all summer, and I think she already prefers homemade to the few storebought cupcakes she’s eaten. So, (here’s #2) I’ll bake a cake for Miss C (baked milk in the cake, still margarine in the frosting on top), probably something strawberry with pink frosting and sprinkles.

  24. cindy leigh

    I have never used cake flour before. When baking with my grandmother, I believe we were using either self rising flour or bleached AP flour.
    Who would I bake a cake for?? My DH. Our 24th anniversary is Aug. 11. He is the most giving, unselfish person I know and has stood by me through a serious illness, with tenderness and humor! A special person deserves a special cake!

  25. Jessica

    I have never used cake flour before, but I would love to start! I’d make a cake for my husband, because I know he’ll eat it even if it turns out badly!

  26. Terri A.

    1) I have used the Swans (?) brand of cake flour, but I don’t remember using it for cake! 2) I would have to have a girls night in and bake a cake for all my girlfriends!

  27. Becca

    1. I’ve never used cake flour before–my cake specialty is pound cake, and they always seem to be just fine with my handy all-purpose flour.
    2. I would bake a cake for my husband who has been taking such good care of me during my pregnancy and is about to be a father for the first time.

    This cake looks tasty–I’ll have to try it out soon!

  28. Zach Rosenthal

    1) Yes, I have used Swan’s cake flour before for cakes like pound cake that require multiple steps of sifting. Usually I just weigh my flour, 4 oz. of all purpose= 1 cup sifted, 5. oz = 1 cup unsifted.

    2) For the past 2 months I have been making cakes every week for my local soup kitchen in the hopes that some poor soul who is down on their luck can enjoy a special dessert. I would definitely try this cake flour out on an almond pound cake recipe I recently came across.

  29. Trisha

    Thanks for the recipe–it looks scrumptious! Can’t wait to bake this one. I have used KA bleached cake flour, many times (and loved it!) But I also am looking forward to the unbleached version, as I like my flour unbleached whenever possible. If I won a box, I would bake a cake for my son-in-law, Sergeant Anthony Bautista, who will be coming home from a year in Afghanistan this fall.

  30. Anita

    I’ve used Swansdown cake flour. Like you I usually use all purpose flour for my cakes. If a recipe just calls for flour, how do you substitute cake flour? Do you need to alter the recipe?
    I have a cake recipe I want to try out on my book club and that is who I would bake my cake for with the new KA cake flour.

  31. Tracey

    Yes, I’ve used cake flour before, but it’s not something I always have in the cabinet.

    I’d make a ‘welcome to the world’ cake for our impending arrival, due next month!

  32. Melissa

    I’ve used Softasilk cake flour a few times. Sometimes, when I’ve imported a bag of White Lily flour, that’s what I’ll use as “cake flour”—with OK results.

    I’d be making a cake for my husband, even though he probably won’t like it as well as one that comes out of a box (with frosting from a can).

  33. Jackie

    It’s nice to finally see an unbleached cake flour. I have used Softasilk cake flour in the past, but I stopped using bleached flour years ago, which until now has included cake flour. If I won a box of this, I would bake a cake for my mom, whose birthday is coming up at the end of August.

  34. julia

    That cake looks soooooo good! I have never used cake flour before but I would use this to make cupcakes for my aunt because she always makes the best baked goods for me!

  35. elianna

    Wow! Cake flour. What a concept.
    Yes, I have used cake flour before. Softasilk. Twice. For angel food cakes. The rest of the box is still sitting in my cupboard. Why? Because cake flour just seems FAKE! And besides, I never wanted to bother getting out the box, making a mess trying to measure it…etc. So I’ve been using plain old flour!
    Hmmm…I would make an angel food cake for my mom. It’s her absolute favorite! I would love to be able to use this unbleached flour for it! Would make it much more enjoyable! :)

  36. Danielle

    I have bought another brand of cake flour. That was 8 years ago, I moved 2 days ago and found it in the mud room while cleaning. I stopped using it years ago when I tried to switch to more natural foods-bleached didn’t fit the bill. If I won a box I’d make a cake for my friend Beth because her birthday is next.

  37. Kate

    1) Have you ever used any brand of cake flour before? Nope… not really sure why, exactly. Probably because I never knew that it was designed to produce lighter cakes. Now that I know, I’ll be looking for the KAF cake flours in my little grocery store.

    2) Who would you bake a special cake for, if you won a box of our Unbleached Cake Flour Blend? Hmmm… next cake needing event = partner’s 33rd birthday in September. Or, perhaps, this weekend because it’s raspberry season. ; ) Is the flour on the shelves yet?

    Thanks for the lovely cake pictures *and* the Quick Buttercream Frosting recipe. I’ve never been good at making tender sweet things and can’t wait to try making a cake now.

  38. Alana

    1) I have not. I rarely bake cake, so I have never invested in flour specifically for it. Are there any other purposes that cake flour lends itself to?
    2) I think I would have to bake the cake for the only person who has ever baked me a cake: my mom!

  39. Sarah

    I have used Queen Guinevere, Swansdown, and Sofasilk cake flours. If I won, I would use it to bake my father’s birthday cake (coming up in November).

  40. Micheline

    You’re right!! That box is Gorgeous!! I have used cake flour in the past – Swans Down, Softasilk, Robin Hood and Five Roses! The special cake would be baked for my family who always love everything I bake (lots of TLC goes into baking)!

  41. Patti

    I can’t wait for this unbleached cake flour to hit the stores!!!! In fact, I’m going to mention it to my grocery store manager to make sure they stock it! THANK YOU KING ARTHUR FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT!!!

    I recently had a recipe that called for cake flour but didn’t want to use bleached flour (YUCK!) so I used all purpose which didn’t give me the fluffiness I as looking for in my recipe.

  42. Kim U

    1. I haven’t used cake flour that frequently, but I think the only variety I’ve used is Swans Down – that’s the only kind stocked in my local grocery store (although hopefully they’ll get the KA version now!)
    2. I’d bake a special cake for my neighborhood book club. They’re my most appreciative audience for baked goods and I like to try new recipes out on them.

  43. Patti

    Have you ever used any brand of cake flour before? No, I’ve never used cake flour before because it was bleached.

    Who would you bake a special cake for, if you won a box of our Unbleached Cake Flour Blend? My family because they are my most favorite people to bake/cook for.

  44. Elizabeth

    I used to use Swans Down cake flour before I discovered your line of fabulous flours and switched to using Queen Guinevere. I’m so glad you’re making an unbleached cake flour! I really dislike bleached flours because of all the added chemicals so I can’t wait to pick this new kind up in the grocery store! If I won a box of the new cake flour, I would make a cake for my new roommate who just moved in on Saturday. Her birthday is coming up and I think she deserves a really great homemade cake!

  45. kitlaura

    how i wish i am residing in America cos i can buy your wonderful king arthur flour and bake all kinds of goodies and also get the best result for trying your receipes. but unfortunately, i am living at the other side of the world. i.e singapore. and not able to buy your flour. however, i still manage to try a couple of your receipes. they turned out quite well but i know the texture and taste will be much better if i can use your flour. if i can get hold of your cake flour, i will be using it to bake for my son’s 15 birthday cake. in the meantime, i will scout around all the shopping mall and gourmet baking shop to check whether i can buy any of your king arthur flour. thanks so much for posting all your yummy receipes. I have tried your monkey head and no knead flat bread, they turned out quite yummy. cheers

  46. Joni M

    Oh my, question #1, nope I’ve never used cake flour before but use regular unbleached flour, so I’d LOVE a box of this new Unbleached Cake Flour Blend to try…and #2, I would love to make this cake for my husbands office–they absolutely love it when I send fresh baked stuff in to them! I love to bake and his office is the best place to send stuff so I don’t eat it all myself!!!

  47. Cindy

    An unbleached cake flour??? – what else are you folks working on? If I could make a request, a buttercream with the taste and texture of a real Italian meringue buttercream, with (of course) no artificial “stuff” and about 25 calories per serving would be lovely! Until that comes along, I will say that my cake flour of choice has always been Queen Guinevere – and because my friends at KAF said that an unbleached product couldn’t be made I accepted that and moved on. As for my special cake – my step-son and his bride to be have requested to use our backyard for their wedding in September. While I am thrilled that they understand and appreciate the peace and natural beauty of our area, it would be a great relief to know that the cake that I am making for them has the best possible ingredients!
    Please keep me posted on that buttercream request -

  48. Chris T

    I’ve never used cake flour before but it sounds like just what I need. If I win a free box, I’ll bake a special birthday cake for my hubby. My latest cake attempts have been flops so a fluffy cake would be a real surprise!!

  49. LaraK

    Yummy! Answers to questions 1) Yes, the one with a swan on it, and 2) the kidavich, a precocious 4yo who always wants a strawberry cake, or maybe a chocolate chip cake, hey, chocolate cake sounds good… you get the idea. Personally, the raspberries look divine.

  50. Marissa in VA

    I’ve only used cake flour once and it was the Pillsbury Softasilk brand because that was what my local grocery store at the time carried. I tend to stick to all purpose in order to keep the stockpile in my pantry low. Although, seeing this cake makes me want to give cake flour another try.

    If I won the box of cake flour I would make a cake for the next dinner party that I go to. My friends and I have them almost weekly, but I always end up bringing something savory or faster to make than a full layer cake, but this recipe is making me rethink that.

  51. Tracey Callison

    I use cake flour all the time – but I have to admit I’ve never tried KAF’s! I’ve never seen it in the stores here. I have been using the stuff in the red box (name escapes me).

    If I won a box of the new unbleached cake flour, I’d make a birthday cake for myself! (September 3rd) :)

  52. Bridgid

    This cake looks amazing!

    1) I have used “softasilk” cake flour

    2) I would bake this cake for my mother, who has been always there for me, who has supported me through break ups, a fabulous (but stressful wedding), the birth of my premature baby, the choosing and moving into our home, and I could go on and on and on….she loves raspberry, and she deserves the best!

  53. kate

    YUM!! ooh this looks amazing!

    I have used other cake flours and they just weren’t worth it, and went back to a box (sigh). However, even if i dont win this new unbleached cakeflour blend? i will be getting some and making this EXACT cake for my mother! She looooves cake layered with Jam! is that a new england thing? regardless, she will love it and i am excited to make it!!

    thanks for creating :)

    now, for ME i would love to see a chocolate cake recipe using this flour :)

  54. Leslie Goodman-Malamuth

    1) Yes, I used Softasilk cake flour (phooey!), until 1990, when I entered King Arthur’s realm. A catalog came to my house, and I asked myself, “Where have you folks been all my life?” The answer is obvious: In New England, whereas I’ve spent the first half of my life to date in California, and then in Washington, D.C. After becoming a loyal subject of The King, my baking took a great leap forward, as Chairman Mao might have said, had he been a baker who mixed metaphors.

    2) Fortunately, I always double the recipe for my special cake that Queen Guinevere makes even better, so I would have TWO recipients for my first fling with King Arthur Unbleached Cake Flour Blend. To find the Lemon Poppyseed variation of the pound cake in Rose Levy Berenbaum’s The Cake Bible, the cracked, vanilla-stained binding of my copy automatically opens to this page. Rose thinks that a full-size Bundt pan is too large for good texture, so she recommends baking her pound cakes in six-cup tube pans. One cake of these cakes would go to my husband and sons, who adore the tart lemon glaze, and the other would be for my dear friend Suzanne, who raves about my baking. I just returned from a week with her at the house that she and her husband own in Costa Rica. How to reciprocate for such hospitality? I plan to stuff her freezer! I’ll bring over the lemon poppyseed cake, breads, and her sons’ favorite, dubbed Pesto Buns, made with 1/4 cup pesto added to your Soft White Dinner Roll mix instead of the butter called for on the box. If I divide the dough in two and bake each cluster of buns in one of your round bake-and-give cake pans, it’s a win-win situation: my own family won’t feel left out, and sulk.

  55. Deb Annis

    1) When I lived in Vermont, I used KAF Queen Guinevere bleached cake flour, but haven’t tried cake flour since moving to higher altitude (Colorado).

    2) My husband! He’s been incredible with all of the home renovations he’s been doing. He deserves a cake and a break!

  56. Jules

    I tend to use SoftaSilk because it’s readily available. The cake would be for my family. They are my best baking audience. So glad this is going to be available locally!

  57. Melissa Trachtenberg

    I use Swans Down cake flour for some cakes, though I dislike using bleached flour – I usually go with King Arthur unbleached AP. If I won, I’d use the flour to make a cake for my husband, who’s done all the cooking in our house for the last 2 weeks while I battled morning sickness!

  58. Eric

    Well, finally and at long last…I remember the aborted experiments with some European thermal processing technologies to eliminate the asterisk in the Never Bleached, Never Bromated slogan….

    I have used other cake flours; because I can’t always reliably plan how much bleached cake flour I’m going to use in a given period, I can’t mail-order Guinevere The Mighty Bleached Blonde, and have to instead rely on that stuff in the pink box whose name I won’t be mentioning. It’s a painful link to Big Ginormous Agribusiness, because I simply don’t buy many of their other products.

    So is this simply a finer-milled, lower-total-protein version of the KAF flours we know and love, or is something else going on to mimic the performance effect of chlorinated flours? Some of us are the sort of neurotic bakers who have really fine-tuned our recipes for particular ingredients – for example, since I exclusively bake with KAF AP flours and measure by mass, I’ve made adjustments in hydration level and mixing times to cope with the higher protein levels and stronger protein structures.

    Switching cake flours is a GIANT financial commitment for me; in the 20 years I’ve been baking competitively, I’d wager that my butter spending outpaces my flour spending seven or eight to one, and there’s gonna be a risk of some spectacular failures the first time out. For better or worse, That Hussy In The Red Sweater and the Big Red Spoon makes a consistent product with defined performance characteristics (if a somewhat unpleasant flavor in lean doughs and batters), and they’re in it for the long haul.

    So the good news is, I’ll be baking special cakes with my complimentary box of KAF (subtle, no? ;0) ). . . the part that remains to be seen is whether I’ll be feeding loved ones because my baked goods are so tender and light with an honest wheat flavor and a creamier appearance, or if I’ll be feeding the ducks because it doesn’t hold fats the same way that highly oxidized flours do. . . .

    Please send my love to the Bleach Blonde;


  59. Erin @ One Particular Kitchen

    1) Have you ever used any brand of cake flour before?
    I’ve used Swan cake flour — the only brand I’ve been able to find locally.

    2) Who would you bake a special cake for, if you won a box of our Unbleached Cake Flour Blend?
    My husband! His birthday is coming up!

  60. Karla George

    I have used cake flour before. I like to use Softasilk and Swan cake flour.
    If I win, I’m going to bake an angel food cake for my mom. She loves angel food cake.

  61. HMB

    In answer to your contest questions:

    1. Once, years ago, I bought a box of Softasilk –but I wasn’t impressed and never used it again.

    2. My mom’s birthday is coming up in September. She will get a special cake whether I win or not: She taught me how to bake and she made me plernty of special cakes when I was growing up, so I like to return the favor.

  62. Robin Stauffer

    I want to say thank you for sharing this with everyone it is very kind. I haven’t used it before but have heard a lot about it my granddaughters 5th birthday is coming up and what a perfect time to make a perfect cake. I would love to try yours Thank You.

  63. Marcia

    I have never used any cake flour except Swans Down. It is the only choice at the grocery store.

    I would bake a special cake for myself to share with friends. My birthday has passed and I did not make a cake. My favorite has always been pineapple upside down cake and my Grandmother used to make it years ago for me in a cast iron skillet.

    I plan to see Julie & Julia, the movie. I know it will put me in the mood to cook and bake!

  64. Tracey

    Great post – the cake looks phenomenal! I love the use of the fresh raspberries. I have used cake flour in the past – it was the Pillsbury Softasilk brand. If I won a box of the KA Unbleached Cake Flour Blend I’d make a cake for my stepfather. His 60th birthday is coming up very soon!

  65. valerie

    I’m looking forward to this showing up in the grocery store! I’ve always used the Swans Down cake flour in my favorite lemon verbena cake. And for my sweetie, I’d bake a special angel food cake (his favorite), who’s moving halfway across the country for me in a couple of months. :-)

  66. Jenny

    Bye bye Swan’s hello King A.

    I am a cake professional who still buys Swan’s cake flour b/c I can not find a better product. I have used big bags of commercial cake flour before and not been satisfied with the end result. I would love to sample your new cake flour.I would bake a cake for Courtney my wonderful wedding planner (getting hitched Oct. 24, and yes making my own cake) who loves sweets. SO excited either way~! Thank you. Jenny

  67. Anne

    I have used cake flour before – whatever I can find in the grocery store. (Looking forward to the new KAF unbleached cake flour!!)

    If I won a box, I’d bake a special cake for my office – we’ve all been working way too hard this year, and my coworkers deserve a treat!

  68. Stephanie

    The only cake flour that I have ever used is Swans Down. If I won a box of the new Unbleached Cake Flour Blend I would make a birthday cake for my dad, who turns 63 this month! Happy Birthday Daddy!

  69. AnnaMarie

    I have not used special cake flour in the past but I have been using your AP flour since I also don’t want bleach in my food.

    I’d love to bake a cake for you!

  70. hddonna

    1) Yes, I use cake flour occasionally. I look forward to trying the new, chemical-free King Arthur Unbleached version–whether or not I win a free box!
    2)I’d bake a special cake for my son, who is now deployed in Iraq.

    And speaking of cakes and Iraq–I recently asked for tips on the Baking Circle for sending him a birthday cake and got some great advice. I baked my family’s favorite cake–Mom’s Buttermilk Chocolate Cake–in a 13×9 foil pan. I’d heard that shipping frosted cakes is not a good idea–sending a can of frosting was recommended–but I decided to risk it. I used my Fast Fudge Frosting, made it a little stiffer than usual, and covered it with non-stick foil, just to keep it neat in case it melted. I covered the whole thing with the plastic cake cover that came with the pan, filled the space with tissue, and taped the cover down. That went into a larger box with a large piece of cardboard covering the cake, leaving plenty of room for party supplies on top. The cake arrived in six days, in great shape, frosting and all, and was a big hit with my son’s friends. When he gets back, hopefully in a few months, I’ll be able to make him a fancier cake–maybe the beautiful raspberry layer cake in this post! I may have to do a test run as soon as the new flour appears on my supermarket shelf, though…

  71. Jessica

    oh my gosh that cake looks delicious! I will certainly have to give that a try!
    I have not used cake flour before. If I were to win a box of this new cake flour, I would certainly bake a special cake for my special guy – my son – who’s 2 yr birthday is coming up soon.

  72. Michelle

    I am always excited when there is a new product coming out.
    The answer to the two questions above for me are…1) I usually do not buy cake flour but do the substitution thing. 2) I would make a cake for my husband Mike who has a birthday is this month.

  73. Suzie

    I have used Swan’s Down before.
    Why, I would bake a cake for my family of course. Probably Lemon as it is my daughter’s favorite and her birthday is in a couple of weeks! :)

  74. bookboxer

    I have never used cake flour before!

    I would make a cake for my husband, who keeps most health problems at bay with a fairly strict diet but welcomes a special treat now and then.

    Thanks for a great blog and website!

  75. Betsy

    I have never used cake flour to make a cake (gasp!) and have always wondered what difference it would make. If I won, I would make my mom’s carrot cake from scratch for my husband as a special treat. He loves it, but doesn’t get it often (I’m talking years in between…sad, eh). This carrot cake is not chunky, so the texture difference would be noticeable. Hope I get to try it out!

  76. Dee

    I’ve never used cake flour before. On the off-chance I’m not using a box mix, I’ll try the cake flour “substitutes.”

    I’d bake a big four-layer cake for my husband– our 4th anniversary is coming right up! And then we’d share with anyone who wants a slice!

  77. Lara

    How exciting…King Arthur Cake Flour *Unbleached*! I will definitely start using this more often, especially when I make my mother a birthday cake in September (if I win a box). I have used Swans Down Cake flour before; however, I try to avoid bleached flours as much as possible. Thanks for giving us an option!!

  78. Sarah

    I’ve used cake flour once before, but the rest of the box is still sitting on the shelf because bleached flour scares me.

    August 6th is my birthday, so I might bake MYSELF a cake! :)

  79. Rebecca

    1) Yes! I’ve used KA Queen Guinevere cake flour several times. In fact, I use it every year to bake my daughter’s birthday cake.

    2) I’d make a cake for my daughter’s 10th birthday (in 8 days)!

  80. Cynthia Kershner

    You keep saying that you need to scrape the bowl… doesn’t the new paddle attachment you’re using take care of that step? I bought one (since I was seeing it all the time on the blog!) and have loved using it while making cookies… and it works well on my very wet pizza dough as well. Also, thanks for those tips on how to deal with filling overflow!
    Yes, I have used Queen Guenivere Flour when I can find it in the store (I tend to decide to bake cakes at the last minute), or the one in the pink box (can’t remember the brand – Swan’s Down?). If I won a box of the cake flour, I’d make a cake for my friend who is taking care of her very sick father at the moment.

  81. Suzanne

    1. I have never used cake flour before, but after reading about its benefits it’s something I will definitely try next time I make a cake!

    2. My boyfriend and I met while studying abroad and attend colleges in the United States that are over a thousand miles apart. He is coming to visit me soon. There’s no quicker way to a man’s heart than through his stomach, and I think a delicious, homemade chocolate cake would be just the perfect way to welcome him and to show how much I appreciate what a wonderful person he is and what he does for me.

  82. trina vaughn

    1) yes i have used swan’s cake flour only once
    2) i would bake a cake for my mother-in-law, i would do it to cheer her up a bit her mother passed away last week.

  83. Dawn

    1) Have you ever used any brand of cake flour before?

    I have to sheepishly answer not yet on this one. I’ve always wanted to try cake flour, but haven’t gotten around to actually acquiring some to try it out.

    2) Who would you bake a special cake for, if you won a box of our Unbleached Cake Flour Blend?

    If I were to win a box of flour, I’d make a yummy anniversary cake for my sweetie.

  84. Heidi

    1) Swan Down

    2) I would make it for my family. My mom’s aunt gave me a recipe for a pound like cake called Gesundheit cake at my bridal shower. She wrote on the top of the recipe card that it was my mom’s and uncle’s favorite cake.

  85. Jenn

    1) I use cake flour when I am baking special or birthday cakes. My grandfather always makes everyone a white cake with chocolate frosting for birthdays. So, that is the first cake I would make. Then I have a great chocolate cake recipe that is light, fluffy, and deliciously chocolately, almost fudgy without the heaviness.

    2) I am actually due in 1.5 weeks on August 15th, which is also my husband’s birthday. Not sure how much I’ll feel like making a birthday cake by then, so I will make a combo baby and daddy birthday cake. (I always make a birthday cake for my hubby. A few years ago, my hubby and I were lucky enough to work in London for a month. I had friends from work in the US ship me foil pans, just so I could make a cake! haha Luckily, the rest of the ingredients, I could find in the supermarket. =)

    Thanks for sharing the above!!

  86. Mary Alice Kropp

    Yes, I’ve used Swan’s Down Cake Flour on occasion, tho I usually use AP for all my baking.

    I would bake a cake for my awesome grandson, just because I want to!

  87. Portia O.

    I have never used cake flour before. I’m a vegan baker and I would make a cake for my husband and daughter to celebrate her birthday (August 6) and my husband’s completed screenplay.

  88. Diana

    I’ve used another brand before (Swan?) since I can’t find Queen Guinevere in any of my local stores. I bake for my office. They gobble up anything I bring in!

  89. Marla

    I have used cake flour before (softasilk) and I’m very excited to try this kind!

    I would make my mom a cake because she’s so awesome

  90. LeeYong

    I’ve never used your cake flour product but have used your whole wheat and bread flour… loved them both! I’m very excited about your cake flour product… can’t wait to see it on our bake product items at the supermarket!
    I would use the cake flour to bake my mother-inlaw a cake to show her how much she means to me. Nancy is absoutley the best and I’m very lucky to have her in my live!

  91. Lise M.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate – I THOUGHT I was the first to post a comment, then found it still sitting in my window, then when I tried to submit it, it told me “you have already said that”. But I don’t see my comment/entry here. SO….

    Yes, I have used cake flour – Swan’s down and Guinevere. My mother would just triple-sift A.P. flour and reduce each cupful by 2 Tbs.

    I would love to bake this white cake with raspberries for our first family vacation in Michigan this month!

    I have one question – what is the value of the “paste” method for cake baking?
    Thanks for a beautiful and informative (and inspiring) blog!


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