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Rosemary Potato Rolls

Perfect dinner rolls

Favorite recipes and shaping tips

Golden soft dinner rolls in a bowl, one on a bread plate.

Amish Dinner Rolls

The soft potato rolls everyone loves

How to convert a bread recipe to tangzhong via @kingarthurflour

How to convert a bread recipe to tangzhong

A surefire path to softer bread and rolls

Introduction to tangzhong via @kingarthurflour

Introduction to tangzhong

An intriguing technique for softer yeast bread and rolls

Whole-Grain Dinner Rolls via @kingarthurflour

Whole Grain Dinner Rolls

Share the bread – and this recipe


It's the day before Thanksgiving

What are you baking right now?

Dinner Roll Recipes via @kingarthurflour

Dinner roll recipes

9 ways to a Thanksgiving bread lover's heart

Gluten-Free Stuffing + Gravy Recipe via @kingarthurflour

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

7 Essentials

Freeze and Bake Rolls via @kingarthurflour

Freeze and bake rolls

A head start on the holidays


Shaping perfect dinner rolls

Does the pan make a difference?