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Flag cake

How to make a flag cake

Time for red, white, and blue(berries)

chocolate chip cookies on a baking sheet

"Do I really have to scrape my mixing bowl?"

Yes — and here's why.

flour and sourdough starter on counter

10 tips for new sourdough bakers

It's a confusing world out there, isn't it?

Lettuce growing in a garden

Grow a kitchen garden

our A to Z guide to baking-friendly plants

A loaf of sourdough bread on a cooling rack next to a starter and a bowl of baking powder and baking soda

How to bake bread without yeast

Overcoming the shortage

Mozzarella and jack cheeses beside baked pizza.

The best cheese for pizza

Branching out from mozzarella

Open bags of flour on table

Can I bake with out of date flour?

Maybe yes, maybe no; here's how to decide

Almost empty jar of yeast

How to bake bread using less yeast

Smart ways to tackle the yeast shortage

An example of a Zoom background

13 Zoom backgrounds for bakers

Share the joy of baking with these video chat backdrops

Imprinted drop cookies and tools

Drop cookies: beyond the fork

How to flatten cookie dough with flair

A mother and son using a rolling pin to roll out cookie dough

Baking with little kids

10 ways to bake with young helpers

Eggs, a rolling pin, and a bag of flour on a kitchen counter

What to bake if you run out of ingredients

There are more choices than you think

Two bowls of brown sugar, light and dark

"What can I substitute for brown sugar?"

Some straightforward advice

Three cast iron pan pizzas being topped with different ingredients

Pizza for every season

Topping inspiration for your favorite pizza

Naturally leavened sourdough bread made with yeast water in place of standard sourdough starter, sliced open and set on a wooden table.

Baking bread with a yeast water starter

Can fruit successfully stand in for flour?

A loaf of gluten-free sandwich bread, sliced on a bread board with a box of gluten-free flour in the background

Gluten-free yeast baking

Which flour should you use?

A loaf of bread among several preferments.

Baking with preferments

Poolish? Biga? Levain? Unlock great flavor by understanding the four key varieties

Bags of Swerve sugar replacement, granulated sugar, and Truvia Cane Sugar Blend, all pictured with chocolate chip cookies.

Sugar alternatives for baking

Fewer calories, but do they yield great results?

A bread board with homemade bagels next to a cup of coffee, orange juice, and a toasted bagel with cream cheese

How to shape bagels

Make bagels that look as good as they taste

Brown butter melted in a skillet surrounded by pound cake and shortbread wedges.

Brown butter

How to make your buttery baked goods even better


Our 2019 Recipe of the Year, New Year's edition

Our Classic Birthday Cake gets all dressed up

A pile of sugar with ingredients that can be infused into it to add flavor: vanilla bean, rose petals, coffee beans, orange zest, rosemary springs, and lavender flowers

How to make flavor-infused sugar

Vanilla sugar and beyond

Christmas-themed cookies decorated with naturally colored icing

Cookie decorating with natural food colors

A drop-by-drop color guide from King Arthur's chief cookie decorator